Duc Trinh

The experienced UX/UI Designer

My process

How and where do you start? Who should you talk to? What are the business goals? Should I design for mobile? When starting a project, there are so many questions that are presented.  Everyone in the UX industry has their own process on how to tackle a project. What is important are the principles executed within the process itself.


Learn about your customers. Identify your key users, their needs and the tasks they perform.

* Listen to stakeholders and gather feedback

* Understand business objectives

* Identify functional requirements

* Create personas and user journeys

* Conduct user research


Brainstorm many possible solutions. Create various prototypes of divergent design solutions, to be tested with these key users.

* Define pain points and opportunities

* Wireframe and sketch (storyboards, case scenarios, user flows)

* Create clickable prototypes

* Usability testing


Modify designs after each round of testing, so that the winning solution is completely validated.

* Validate and collect feedback

* Measure and learn from data gathered

* Continue to optimize designs

* Test and test again!