Duc Trinh

The experienced UX/UI Designer

WeightWatchers - Mobile App (Android)
Project Overview

As part of the full rebranding strategy, a new WeightWatchers mobile app was developed for both iOS and Android.  This was a collaborative effort between Product, UX and Engineering teams as every aspect of the visual and interaction designs underwent usability testing.

Challenge #1

With the planned launch of our new SmartPoints program, user will need to update any food items that are not SmartPoints compatible.

  • Develop a conversion tool that will allow users to convert any of their food items that are not SmartPoints compatible.
  • Users will be prompted with an indicator to convert the food item or to delete it.
  • Users will be in SmartPoints mode based on their weigh-in day.
  • The tool will update all food items belonging to recipes and meals as well.
  • The tool will serve as a learning tool to explain what is SmartPoints to our user.
  • Applicable to web and mobile.
Challenge #2

Enable our members to effectively and accurately add more food to our database through crowdsourcing.

  • Develop a barcode scanner tool to allow users to add new food items to our database.
  • Members will be able to use the food calculator to create new food item and its SmartPoints Value.
  • Through crowdsourcing, members can also report if a food item seems suspicious.  Data will be sent to our food database team to verify.
Challenge #3

Apply material design best practices to the android version of the WW mobile app.


Ensure that there was consistency in functions and utility for both version of the app on iOS and Android.