Duc Trinh

The experienced UX/UI Designer

Crowdtap - Mobile App
Project Overview

Create a C2C mobile app that will become a platform for users to ask questions and get answers in real time.

Project Details

As UX lead, my team and I conducted user interviews to determine the type of questions users would likely want to ask on an app. Following up with sketching and prototyping, we were able to develop 3 type of questions that would make the app appealing and engaging to users.

We created variations in the flow and did user testing from initial login to answering questions, asking questions, viewing profile, and sharing results. 

In collaboration with visual designers, final designs were created in alignment with company’s branding. 

Note: Beta testing of the app (with ~100 users) were scheduled for mid September.

Opportunity backlog included:

  • Adding sampling into the flow
  • Create a desktop version
  • Incorporate brands as a B2C component to the app
  • Social aspect


User Research and Testing, Wireframe, Prototype, User Interviews, Interaction Design, Mobile Design, Strategy