Duc Trinh

The experienced UX/UI Designer

Crowdtap - Growth Initiatives
Project Overview

This project, in collaboration with the Product team, was to improve member acquisition, customer retention, and content sharing reach.

Project Details

We reviewed key interactions and found structural, content and flow problems that hindered the site’s usability. Qualitative testing revealed that members did not find the content they were asked to create compelling enough to share. The team created user stories, flows, sketches and prototypes to figure out the best solution.

As a result, the prototyping proved the solution would be best delivered in a phased approach. The first MVP (minimal viable product) sought to drive traffic to the site. Through multiple social network strategies, potential members could explore Crowdtap content without requiring sign up. A new approach to content navigation was also introduced in this MVP to promote content exploration and entice sign up. 

The second MVP took its predecessor and expanded upon it: increasing access to more content and incorporating Crowdtap’s key interactions. Structural and visual design enhancements were also included to provide clarity and reduce usability issues noted earlier.  This MVP also placed priority on its share functionality for new members to post this content on their social networks. 


User Research and Testing, Wireframe, Prototype, Visual Design, Strategy