Duc Trinh

The experienced UX/UI Designer

My Portfolio

Here are samplings of my work with the hope that this will give you a chance to get to know my process and my accomplishments.  

Crowdtap – Mobile App

Crowdtap – Mobile App Project Overview Create a C2C mobile app that will become a platform for users to ask questions and get answers in real time. Project Details As UX lead, my team and I cond…

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Crowdtap – Growth Initiatives

Crowdtap – Growth Initiatives Project Overview This project, in collaboration with the Product team, was to improve member acquisition, customer retention, and content sharing reach. Project Det…

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Crowdtap – Social Stars

Crowdtap – Social Stars Project Overview Review current flows of how a Social Star (influencer) becomes engaged with Crowdtap and its members through content creation and sharing. Project Detail…

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WeightWatchers – Mobile App

WeightWatchers – Mobile App (Android) Project Overview As part of the full rebranding strategy, a new WeightWatchers mobile app was developed for both iOS and Android.  This was a collaborative …

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WW – Wearables

WeightWatchers – Wearables Project Overview Applying WeightWatchers’ main functions into wearables for both Apple Watch and Android Wear.  Our objective was to show the minimal and easy wa…

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WW – 24/7 Chat

WeightWatchers – 24/7 Chat Project Overview For current WeightWatchers subscribers for both Online and eTools plans, enable a chat function on the homepage to allow members to get quick and help…

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WW Acquisition and Conversion

WeightWatchers – Acquisition and Conversion Project Overview To provide relevant content and offers to our consumers in order to facilitate in conversion and improve sign-ups. Project Details KP…

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